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Do you think fame is a coincidence? It used to be based on pure luck but now that corporate America has gotten a taste of the money it can create there is a formula. Do you want to learn the formula? Do you have what it takes to become famous?

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Follow the masters and you will see similarities, patterns and another important factor ... lots of hard work.

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Artist Spotlight: Tinashe

How awesome is Tinashe? Do you want to be like her one day? Don't stop dreaming because anything is possible.

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By David Bowie

David Bowie's impact on music...

David Bowie has been loved by many of his fans because of the great impact that his songs created to millions of people. His songs. which were about being a misfit, an alien, a faraway astronaut and a sexual adventurer, captured the attention of many people. The blend of his songs are also fantastic. He was able to sing cabaret, jazz and rock music which manifested how great he is in the music industry.

Moreover, David Bowie was able to capture the drama of everyday life which gave him his No. 1 pop hits like "Let's Dance." The last album that he made which was entitled "Blackstar," was really exploratory and enigmatic because his great music was combined with a jazz quartet.

Indeed, the music, imagery and costumes of David Bowie in his videos and costumes traversed styles, continents and eras. His impact on music is so great that the next generation will surely remember him.


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